We are on a mission to make the lives of business angels easier.

Starting with an excel file

It all started with two business partners and a substantial startup investment portfolio. When it became too difficult for co-founder Johannis to manage more than 20 portfolio companies in Excel, he searched for an adequate solution to make his life easier. Unfortunately, he couldn't find anything designed with angels in mind.

As many angels invest quite a fortune into startups, there must be a better tool than spreadsheets to manage their portfolio. Right?

Making investing easier for business angels

Johannis and Hendryk started to re-think how portfolio management for angels could work and created a tool from scratch that would help Johannis keep track of his startups. The end result was simply too good to be kept private, so they decided to share it with the world.

Our mission is to make investing in startups easier and more attractive for angels and other private investors. And by enabling startup founders to efficiently use a central communication channel for all of their angels, we get to save both parties time and hustle."

Connecting private investors and boosting early stage investment

We aim to design the all-in-one solution for managing startup portfolios, the business angel suite. After experiencing first hand the problems many angels face, we wanted to further connect private early stage investors.

By leveraging synergies in the untapped market for early stage investments, we want to make it easier for angels to invest. Ever wanted to bring in an expert for a quick due diligence with your peer group of angels in just one click? We want to make that possible.
We want to share our solution with you.

Hendryk Hosemann


Johannis Hatt

Founding Angel

Sebastian Wolf


Christian Haarmann


Dennis Strehle

Lead Developer