Frequently asked questions for business angels


What's in it for me as a business angel?

We bring business angels and startups closer together by providing a clear investment portfolio overview for the one, and an easier, centralized reporting experience for the other.

How does it work?

Angels sign up and add their startups. Startups will then receive quarterly status update surveys from us via email.

These surveys are designed to require minimal effort, and should only take about 5 minutes to fill out.

What to expect from it?

In contrast to a regular reporting tool, we provide you with a one-stop solution for managing your startup portfolio.

For startups that send you monthly updates via email, this is a simple addition giving you a comprehensive and consistent overview of all your startups in one place.

Building on centralized updates, it can serve as a complete reporting tool for some startups (especially smaller ones).


Can I share deals with business angels that do not use AngelDesk?

Yes, simply add the business angel with name and email address to your contacts, and you are ready to share deals with them.

Can I configure the dashboard myself?

No. We want to make the portfolio management process as simple and easy as possible for you as an angel. That’s why we limit the possibility for configurations; everything just works automatically.

Safety & data protection

Who can access my data?

We are comiited to make interactions as secure as possible for everyone involved. Your portfolio data can only be accessed by you. In addition, your startups control their own data individually and can grant or revoke access to their reports at any time.

What security measures are in place to protect my company data?

We designed our services according to state-of-the-art safety standards. Using industry leading managed services and servers located in Germany, the services offered are from the ground up as safe and secure as possible.

Is my data shared on the platform?

No. We take privacy very seriously. We know how sensitive your portfolio data is, and give you full control over who sees what. Our goal is to make your investing experience as easy as possible, and that ethos extends to your privacy and data protection as well. Your data is kept private and will only be used for analytics and benchmarking purposes if you explicitly agree to it (opt-in).​