The easiest way to manage your startup investments.

See how your startup shares develop over time.

Maintain a clear overview of your startup portfolio's past and present. Understand the development and distribution of your shares across all your companies over time.

Analyse your investment performance and strategy.

With our performance analytics tools, designed specifically for business angels, you'll be able to make better decisions for future investments and possible secondaries.
Clearly reflect on your investment behavior and compare your achievements to other asset classes with our benchmarking tools in any currency.

Compare the performance and impact of your startups.

Get an aggregated overview of all your startups' achievements and compare their performance across the board. Our unique pull-reporting system enables you to get comparative data from your startups. This way you can easily decide where your help is needed the most - e.g. which runway is the shortest.

Don't be afraid of missing something. We will pro-actively notify you about changes that might need your attention.

Enjoy curated notifications made for angels.

You receive targeted notifications when important things happen or when your help is needed. Save time and make yourself truly useful to your startups when they need it most.

Deep dive to understand individual problems and success stories.

Maintain a clear overview of your portfolio, or drill down as much as you like. At the company level you not only get automatically calculated KPIs, but also access to detailed analysis of various performance metrics. You can also track your own investment history over time.

We value your privacy and protect your data.

Full privacy control

We know how sensitive your portfolio data is. We don't use any of your data without your permission. We earn money through your subscription, not by selling data. To participate in future benchmarking features, you may voluntarily opt-in to have your aggregated data analyzed anonymously.

Data protection

State-of-the-art technology and security by design enables a decentralized and secure infrastructure. Our servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany and regularly managed by one of the largest and most trusted cloud providers on the planet.

Verification system

To maintain a frictionless pull-reporting system your email address serves as an identifier that we check regularly. This way your startups can clearly verify your identity before any data is entered into the platform.

The answers wait for you on your personal dashboard...

Is one of your companies running out of cash in the next 6 months?
How many people work in the companies you invested in?
How much revenue do all your startups create together?
What is the current value of all your shares?
What is your rate of return? What is your unrealized capital gain?
How did you perform against the S&P500 or DAX30?

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The right features to win as business angel

Ready out-of-the-box

Type in your startups’ emails and you are good to go.

Once your startups submit their data, your dashboard automatically updates- no configuration necessary.

Standardized metrics

We use standardized metrics across all your startups, making it easy to compare all your investments at a glance. No more digging through and consolidating different types of data!

Elegant user experience

Simplicity is key. We take the busywork away and let you focus on what’s most important.

You get a simple structure, easy navigation, and above all clarity – on all your devices.

Curated analysis

You don’t have to set up a single analysis – we promise!

Enjoy curated analyses and interpretations of your data. Dive in as deep as you want.

Quarterly intervals

No slack, just the important data. Keep an eye on their general progress without bothering your startups.

Curated notifications

Pre-defined triggers curate all information and analysis for you. No more stressing about missing important changes, we’ll let you know if something happens. 

Lightweight effort

Adding status updates is as simple as possible and tailored to minimize the effort for startups. This way you save them work too!

No need for startups to join

Don’t depend on your startups joining our platform – they don’t have to!

Growing tool suite for angels

We are building a complete tool suite for specifically for angels. 

Join us and grow with us.