We make updating your investors easier so you
can concentrate on
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Why should you support your angels?

Account for their invested money

Early stage startups are a risky bet. Your angels dare to make this perilous investment and back the passionate founders they believe in with their money. For most angels, these startup investments are a considerable share of their personal wealth. It is understandable, then, that they want a certain amount of transparency from the startups they invest in.

We make it easy for you as a startup to account for their money and show your angels exactly what happens to their investment. This builds a relationship of trust, which can pay dividends for you in later rounds of funding or future projects.

We keep it simple: update 4 times a year

Our goal is to make communication between you and your angels easier and more efficient, which is why we only require quarterly surveys.

Most startups only need about 5 minutes to answer an update survey, which means that by using our platform it takes you less than half an hour per year to support your angels. Fair deal, right?

One update for all your angels

Update all of your investors at once by simply answering one status update survey each quarter, and we will take care of the rest.

If you are already a mature company, we provide you with the perfect tool to manage relationships with your angels, building a trustful and transparent track record.

If you're a young company, our features offer you a great way to centralize communication efforts with your angels and build your reputation as an investee, all without causing unnecessary strain to your growing organization.

It is as easy as it gets.

Receive an email with a survey link

As soon as your angel adds your company to their portfolio, you will receive an email with your individual status update survey.

You don't have to bother with setting up an account. Just follow the link to answer some easy questions about your company.

Receive an email with a survey link

Answer 5 minute survey online

We are committed to simplify the communication between you and your angels. Status update surveys arrive via email once each quarter, along with reminders. We've minimized your effort to the max; it should take you around 5 minutes to answer basic questions about your business.

Answer 5 minute survey online

Control access to your data

Keeping your data safe is always our top priority. Not only do we feature a verification system to identify your angels, you are also able to revoke access to your data at any time.

Control access to your data

We value your privacy and protect your data.

Full privacy control

Our goal is to make your reporting experience as easy as possible, and that ethos extends to your privacy and data protection as well. You can verify the identity of your angels via their personal email address and revoke access at any time later on. You can also choose the specific dates that your reporting is accessible to each investor.

In addition, your data is kept private and will only be used for analytics and benchmarking purposes if you explicitly agree to it (opt-in).

Data safety

State-of-the-art technology and security by design enables a decentralized and secure infrastructure. Our servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany and regularly managed by one of the largest and most trusted cloud providers on the planet.

Future functions designed for startups.

Benchmarking and analysis

We started out developing features for angels, but of course we have a lot of functionalities in the works specifically for startups. Already in development is a tool to benchmark your company anonymously, on multiple data points, against other players in your stage or industry. Of course it's 100% voluntary to participate.

Is your planned valuation top-notch? Do you pay too much for your senior engineers? We'll help you to find out!

Cap table management and other helpful material

Managing and tracking your capitalization table can be a complicated task, but we are developing a tool to easily manage, export, and share this information.
We are also planning a content campaign of startup essentials, from contract templates to guidelines, that will make your life easier.

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