All your startup investments in one place.

We collect data directly from your startups.

Add your startups.

  • Simply add companies with their email address.
  • If the company is registered already, just confirm your investment.

They answer a short quarterly survey.

  • Four times a year we send your startups an email with a status update survey.
  • The survey takes about 5 minutes and consists of ca. 20 questions.
  • That’s it! We minimize their effort, centralize their investor updates, and they keep total control of their data.

You get clear overview of your portfolio.

  • The data from the quarterly updates is visualized in our app, giving you a clear, elegant overview of all your investments at a glance. 
  • Your relationship with your startups is improved through transparency and trust. 

Works with all investment types.

✓ Any stage startup investment.
✓ Convertible or equity based investment.
✓ Companies with a large or controlling amount of shares.
✓ International coverage (soon)

No configuration required.

Our potfolio management solution is ready out-of-the-box. No configuration. No templates. No setup. Everything is pre-configured, from reporting to graphical analysis.

Sign up for free

Get started for free with up to four companies. Simply sign-up and confirm your email address.

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Add your startups

The only thing you actively need to do is add your startups' basic contact information. Then, they simply confirm you as their investor.

Add your startups

Wait while we contact your startups

Now our work begins. We send the short status update survey to your startups. Most startups respond within 1-2 weeks. We do send them frequent reminders, but if it takes too long, you may want to get into touch with them directly.

See your updated overview

As soon as the surveys are filled out, your dashboard is automatically updated.
You can immediately start tracking your portfolio, whether it's your very first startup or your 20th.

See your updated overview

Your startups have an easy experience too.

Quarterly update surveys via email.

Sending standardized update surveys via email to your startups is also an advantage for them. They simply fill out the quarterly status update surveys that arrive in their inbox. It only takes one survey to update all of their angels.

It only takes 5 minutes per survey.

We collect data about employment, financial situation, and cap table. Depending on the status update and the number of angels ,this results in a 10 to 20 question survey.

We value your privacy and protect your data.

Full privacy control

We know how sensitive your portfolio data is, so we give you total control over who sees what. We earn money through your subscription, not by selling data. If you want to participate in future benchmarking features, you may voluntarily opt-in to have your aggregated data analyzed anonymously.

Data protection

State-of-the-art technology and security by design enables a decentralized and secure infrastructure. Our servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany and regularly managed by one of the largest and most trusted cloud providers on the planet.

Verification system

To maintain a frictionless pull-reporting system, we use your email address as identifier that we check regularly. This way your startups can clearly verify your identity before any data is contributed to the platform.

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