All your startup investments in one place.

The one-stop deal flow management solution.

One click and you share a startup with all your angels

Use your entire network every time to share deals and make collective decisions with a few clicks, while receiving more deals in return.

Dealflow in one place

Centralized management of the whole investment process & standardized data sets promote a holistic overview and boost time savings.

Better judgement with data

Get the most out of comparable KPI sets, receive angels' feedback, and make better decisions based on data.




Works with all investment types.

✓ Any stage startup investment.
✓ Convertible or equity based investment.
✓ Companies with a large or controlling amount of shares.
✓ International coverage (soon)

No configuration required.

Our deal flow management solution is ready out-of-the-box. No configuration. No templates. No setup. Everything is pre-configured, from feedback to graphical analysis.

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Add your startups

The only thing you actively need to do is add your startups' basic information. Then, your are ready to share the deal with other angels.

Add your startups

Add your angels

Simply add angels with their email address. This allows you to share deals with them and receive their feedback.

Add your angels

Share your startups with other angels

Sharing deals conveniently with your network allows angels to give you feedback on the startup, enabling better collaborative decisions.

Make better decisions based on data

As soon as the angels give their feedback, your dashboard is automatically updated. You can immediately start evaluating the startup with more insight.

Make better decisions based on data

It only takes 3 minutes for angels to give Feedback.

We collect standardized data about Market size, Product, Competitive advantage, Team, Investability and Personal fit. Angels have the option to give extra comments and leave a note.

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We value your privacy and protect your data.

Full privacy control

We know how sensitive your startup data is, so we give you total control over who sees what. We earn money through your subscription, not by selling data. If you want to participate in future benchmarking features, you may voluntarily opt-in to have your aggregated data analyzed anonymously.

Data protection

State-of-the-art technology and security by design enables a decentralized and secure infrastructure. Our servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany and regularly managed by one of the largest and most trusted cloud providers on the planet.

Verification system

To maintain a frictionless deal flow management solution, we use your email address as identifier that we check regularly. This way angels can clearly verify your identity before any data is shared with you.